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Philips Vision LED for Any Vehicle - The Dunshies

Philips Vision LED for Any Vehicle

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Philips Vision LED Product description

A breakthrough innovation for your vehicle lighting: replace your light with our robust Philips Vision LED that deliver dynamic lighting for your vehicle, both inside and out. And thanks to our 12+ years lifetime, you will likely never have to replace them again. The innovative design and unmatched performance of Philips Vision LEDs are available for brake and taillights, back-up lights, dome lights, glove box lights, and license plate lights. All backed by our 12-year limited warranty.

See our video installing the Phillis Vision LED bulbs on our 2017 Ford Raptor

From the manufacturer

phillips vision led
phillips vision led

Philips Vision LED: FAQ

What are the benefits of Philips Vision LED?

Its groundbreaking design is what makes Vision LED stand out. Light output of an LED bulb is not necessarily related to the number of LEDs mounted on the bulb, but it is all about filament position. By mounting the LEDs in filament position, we get the maximum light output on where it needs to be, on the road. This filament position allows us to meet the light output of an incandescent bulb, thus make them street-legal. In addition, due to its design, the LEDs are extremely robust and shock- and moisture proof and capable of handling voltage surges without failure.

My LED Doesn’t Light Up After Installation. Why Does This Happen and How Can I Solve This?

If your LED doesn’t light up, its likely that you need to flip the LED.

Why does this happen?

Regular incandescent bulbs can draw current in either direction, there are no ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ sides on the bulb. The bulb will work regardless of which direction it is inserted. LED bulbs, however, only draw current in one direction. Basically, this situation can be compared to batteries that have a positive and negative side. So if the LEDs are inserted incorrectly, they will not work. The solution is to simply flip the LED!

Follow these steps to reverse the polarity:

1. Remove the LED from the socket.

2. Flip the LED.

3. Insert LED back into the socket.

4. Check to ensure the LED lights up.

After Installation: I Notice Fast Flash or Dashboard Errors About a Failing Bulb. What Should I Do?

Error messages appear because the LED bulb wattage is much lower than conventional bulbs, which can make an outage warning system unable to detect the bulb.

If your car has a dashboard error message, experiences fast flash or goes in limp mode upon installation of an LED bulb, you may consider to purchase and install a Philips Vision LED CAN-bus warning canceller solution.

The 5W CAN-bus is used for interior applications, and license plate lighting. The 21W CAN-bus is used for exterior applications.

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