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Ultimate Truck Tent - The Dunshies

Ultimate Truck Tent

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Napier Outdoors-Ultimate Truck Tent

Like camping and getting outdoors as much as we do? Then maybe the Napier SportZ is the Ultimate Truck Tent.

Maybe your like me, I like to just go, planning and preparing ruins it for me. So, this is my go to tent. I throw it in my truck along with a couple of plano cases I keep on the ready. and go.


The Ultimate Truck Tent is great. Its waterproof, (has a rain guard) tons of window vents, and best of all, its sets up ANYWHERE I go. No more sleeping on lumps and rocks, and if your likely like me, you have ultra plush Fox shocks absorbing your every movement.

  1. Tent installs in less than 10 minutes
  2. Works with Bakflip mx4 (see pics)
  3. kid approved. my kids love it
  4. wife approved. My wife loves it

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    • Napier offers the only truck tents on the market with a full floor, keeping you clean from your truck and dry from the elements
    • Large interior area with over 5.7 feet of headroom
    • Full rainfly provides ultimate weather protection
    • Large 4’ x 4’ awning provides shade and a protected spot for bulky gear
    • Rear access panel allows you to access the truck’s interior for additional storage and access to power outlets to charge your gear
    • Color-coded pole and sleeve assembly, makes setup a breeze
    • Built-in storm flaps in windows and door provide additional weather protection and privacy
    • 3 large windows and 2 ceiling vents offer optimal ventilation
    • Keep your gear organized with a gear loft, gear pocket and a built in lantern holder
    • Expandable carrying bag for easy storage



FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSWill the tent fit with roll bars?
No, roll bars must be removed in order for the tent to fit snuggly on the truck bed.Can you fit a tent over a bed toolbox?
Yes, the tent can fit around the bed toolbox. However the toolbox minimizes the amount of room in the truck bed. If you have a metal toolbox make sure the corners are not sharp as it may rip the tent fabric.Can you fit the tent over bedside rails?
Yes, if the railings are less than 3″ tall. Any other railings will have to be removed or the tent will not fit properly.Can I drive with the tent set up on the truck?
NO, driving with the tent set up may cause personal injury or damage to your truck.Will the tent fit with a hinged slant-slide tonneau cover?
No, the tent does not work with a hinged slant-slide cover; the tonneau cover will have to be removed before the tent can be used.Will the tent fir with a bed liner?
Yes, the tent will fit with a sprayed or prefabricated liner.







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