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Favorite French Press Coffee Maker - The Dunshies

Favorite French Press Coffee Maker

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We Love This French Press Coffee Maker

Our Favorite Things French Press Coffee Maker.  We have started blogging about our “favorite things” and will be adding lots of items to our blog all categorized by type, use, and who’s favorite item it belongs to (some might be age specific)

As you may know, we are completely and utterly addicted to COFFEE. Matt spends soo much time at coffee shops around the Phoenix (often meets clients at coffee shops) that baristas around town all know his favorite drink and many times they start making it when he walks in the door. Locations near our home will shout out 1 or 2 today Matt! Asking if he’s also picking one up for Suzanne too. (thats good service)

We love trying new beans that are locally roasted and making coffee at home, and this is the French Press we use. Its offered in two sizes and available in either polished stainless or a matte finish. We have have matte finish 50 ounce version. It fits our family size better than the 34 oz model.

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Size:50 oz (Classic)



Taste the difference of French Press Coffee with the LINKYO French Press Coffee Maker

What’s all the fuss about French press coffee?
A French press allows extraction of coffee directly from fully immersed coffee grounds.
The result is a cup of coffee that has zero contact with paper filters or plastic outlets for a fuller, richer taste.The LINKYO French Press Coffee Maker is made to last with high grade 18/10, 304 stainless steel. The double-wall construction keeps your coffee warmer than glass carafe presses and the best part is…they will not shatter! The multi-screen filter system effectively prevents tiny coffee grounds from leaking through when pressing. The metal filters are reusable, saving you money from disposable paper filters and allowing you to brew delicious coffee over and over again!

Safety Instructions

  • This product is not for stove top use
  • Handle with care when filled with hot liquid, outside walls may be too hot to touch
  • Do not overfill. Leave a minimum of 1 inch space at the top between the water and the spout
  • Do not use excessive force when pressing as this can cause scalding liquid to shoot out of the carafe
  • Use coarse ground coffee as using fine grind coffee can cause high pressure when plunging
  • Turn the spout away from you and turn the lid to close off the spout when pressing
  • Lower the plunger slowly. Do not press with force if the plunger does not go down, instead remove the plunger and rinse plunger parts with water (handle with care as plunger will be hot), stir the coffee, replace the plunger, and slowly press again
  • Do not handle filter screens by the edges or frayed areas (trust us, it hurts)


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